Fundraising Ideas

Even small fundraisers can be a big help to build the strength of The XLH Network and help us reach our goals.  Here are a few ideas.  Let us know what other ideas you come up with! 

We also appreciate donations of airline miles or hotel points to help us get to conferences to raise awareness and educate health professionals about XLH. 

If you'd like to hold a fundraiser, email us at, giving us your name, email address and phone number and the type of fundraiser you have in mind.  Let us know a good time to call you.  The XLH Network needs all the help we can get from everyone, no matter how big or small. The amount adds up quickly when we all lend a helping hand.

Do you have a bulletin board at work or a web blog? Post a copy of this information and The XLH Network's Brochure (email us at and we'll send you one).  

Dinner Ideas:

Spaghetti Dinner:  With 4 or 5 friends, have a Spaghetti Dinner at a church or union hall or other big room with a large kitchen.  Charge $7 to $10 per person depending on what's common where you live and feed more than 50 people.  Have a bake sale at the same time and let them buy the dessert they want.   If you hold it at a church, ask if you can sell the leftovers the next day after their service.

Have a Fancy Dinner:  At your home or a regular dinner at someone's fancy home, serve unusual or gourmet food, or have special entertainment. Charge $25 or more per person, and have 20 or more guests.

Get three friends to help you have a Progressive Dinner:  Start at one person's home for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, progress to the next person's house for soup or salad, the next person's for the main course, and the last person for dessert. Either charge by course, or for the whole package.  To make it extra special (and much more expensive), get a limousine for the evening that carries guests from house to house.

Start a Pyramid Dinner or a Chain Dinner Invite 12 people and charge $12 each. Get two people of the twelve you invited to invite 12 people each at $12, and two people from each of those two dinners to invite 12 people at @$12, and so on. Here's the income: Your dinner 12x$12 = $144, From your dinner 12 x(12+12) = $288, From those dinners 12x(12+12+12+12) = $576. Twelve is used as an example.  

Host a Wine and Cheese Party:

Do not charge admission and invite as many people as you can.  During the party, give a short talk about MHE, and ask everyone to consider a gift of $25, $50, or $100 or more (depending on the crowd). Either pass out Hosting donation cards & envelopes and ask people to give then, or after the party contact everyone individually who came send them out then.  Hosting donation cards can be obtained by contacting us at

Have a Sundae Party:

Hold an ice cream social after church or on a hot, summer afternoon. This is an event that could involve kids and get them involved in doing something good for the community.

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Matching Gifts:

Find out which of your friends (perhaps this is true for you also) work in corporations with matching gift programs. Then ask them to donate and get their gift matched, and ask them to ask their co-workers to donate and get their gifts matched.

Make A Wish Campaign:

A "Make a Wish Upon a Star" fundraiser works well with schools, churches, scout groups, etc.  To have one, make your own stars out of colored paper or contact us and we will send you some and then ask people to buy them for $1.00 (or amount of your choice) apiece. By doing so, they can "make a wish" for themselves and for your cause.  Then, to show off the support you've received, you can hang the stars you've sold on a wall with a person's name on each.

Organize a Service Sale:

Get four people (one can be you) to donate a simple but valuable service that many people could use and sell chances for $3-$5 each. Keep the price a little high so you don't have to sell so many and so that the buyers have a higher chance of winning.  Services can include child care for a weekend or for any weekend night two weekends in a row, one day of housecleaning, yard work, house painting (interior or exterior), etc. Sell the tickets to neighbors, work mates, etc. Encourage people to buy several by offering discounts for multiple purchases, such as one for $5, 3 for $13, 4 for $17, 5 for $20. If you are really bold or live in a more affluent area, sell the tickets for $20 each. A full day of housecleaning for $20 is a real bargain, and buyers have a high chance of winning with fewer tickets sold.

Happy Birthday:

Invite people to your birthday party and ask that in lieu of gifts they give a donation to The XLH Network.  For fun you can even set that up on our Facebook Causes page.

Childhood Collections:

If as a child, you collected something avidly that you now store in a basement, consider selling it. Coins and stamps are particularly valuable and have usually increased in value over the years. But your collection of rocks, toy ships, rockets, arrowheads, or dolls can also be valuable. When you donate the income from the sale, you can deduct that sale amount from your taxes -- an added bonus of this strategy since you probably paid little or nothing for the items in the collection.  

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Teach What You Know:

Lead or get someone to lead a nature walk, an architectural tour, a historic tour, a sailing trip, a rafting trip, or a horseback ride. Teach a seminar or tutor on a topic you know: fundraising, knitting, organic gardening, organizing, proposal writing, gourmet cooking, dog grooming computer skills. Charge $15-25 per person, or charge $35 and provide lunch.

Are you Artistic?

Do have an Artistic side of you burning to get out ?  If you have an artistic side, offer to design greeting cards to specification for organizations or individuals for a fee. If you are good at calligraphy, sell your skills to schools for graduation announcements, friends for classy but low-cost wedding invitations, or just fun certificates such as "World's Greatest Dad" for Father's Day or "Outstanding Friend." Create unique Halloween costumes or masks. Donate the proceeds from your artistry.

Resolve to Quit a Bad Habit for a Good Cause:

Offer to do something your friends and family that have been nagging you to do anyway, and attach a price to it. For example, quit smoking on the condition that your friends and family give a donation (This method could be applied to other healthy behaviors, such as exercising or not eating sugar.)


If you belong to a church, research whether your church has a discretionary fund. Many churches have small pools of money available to groups through a women's fellowship or pastor's discretionary fund or various seldom-used endowments. Grants are often in the $50-$500 range and so go largely untouched by fundraisers. Sometimes simply writing a letter will free up this money, and it tends to be renewable if someone is willing to ask the church yearly.

Ask if you can do a "second collection." The church passes the plate for its own collection, and then you give a brief talk (or sometimes the whole sermon) about XLH and the plate is passed again.

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Service Clubs:

Solicit small businesses or service clubs for $500.  If you own your own business and are involved in business organizations or service clubs, this can be very effective. You can often raise $200-$500 with a simple proposal and oral presentation.  Research all the service clubs in town and see what their giving policies are. They often have formal giving guidelines for large grants of $2,000 and up, but have smaller amounts of money available for specific small projects. Ask friends who belong to service clubs, sororities, antique collecting groups, support groups, bridge clubs, etc.  Ask to discuss The XLH Network in their group and pass the hat for donations.  A once-a-year sweep of even small organizations can yield a surprising amount of funds.  

Walk-a-thons, Bowl-a-thons, Swim-a-thons, etc:

Hold some type of "a-thon" event--a walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, swim-a-thon, bowl-a-thon, etc.  People collect pledges for how far they walk, how many laps they swim, how many strikes or points they get, etc.  Consider holding the event at a local school or even in a mall. 


A Nice Getaway:

If you have a vacation home and would like to rent it out to give someone a nice getaway. The proceeds can be donated to our organization. 


XLH Network Golf Outing: 

Want to do something that can bring in even more?  Contact us to find out how you can host/chair a golf tournament to benefit The XLH Network's mission.

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