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If you or a member of your family has XLH, ADHR, TIO or ARHR or if you're a medical professional with an interest in phosphate wasting disorders, we invite you to become a member of The XLH Network.  Building our membership encourages researchers by seeing a growing number of people they can help, and knowing where we have large numbers of members is helpful in deciding where to conduct research trials. 

Membership also brings many benefits to you and your family as you deal with the concerns and issues that come up when first diagnosed and during management of your or your loved one's XLH treatment, including:

  • Unlimited access to our F-HYPDRR e-mail listserv and to the web-based XLH Forum, where you can share information with others around the world who are dealing with the same issues you are;
  • Help in finding out who treats people with XLH near you;
  • Priority notifications to you regarding events, research projects, and other opportunities.

As with any registered non-profit organization, we have many expenses necessary to meet our goals, and we need your helpWe hope you will contribute to our efforts now and that you will as often as you are able, but of course we value your input, knowledge and experience even more. 


How To Become A Member:

To become a member please fill out our form, and then an administrator will be in touch with your login link.   

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